What will I learn?

KiwiSkills four basic ICDL modules teach you the key computer skills needed in today’s workplace. Other modules cover specific skills. 

Four basic ICDL modules

To see full details of modules (on the ICDL website), click on the graphics.

1. Computer Essentials

Computer-EssentialsLearn skills for using computers, including navigating the computer desktop,
creating & printing a simple document, and managing files, as well as
adjusting computer settings.

2. Online Essentials

Online-EssentialsBuild skills relating to web browsing, online
security, effective information searching, and
managing online communications & email.

3. Word Processing

Word-ProcessingUse a word processing program to create, format
and print documents, insert tables & images, and
prepare documents for  mailouts.

4. Spreadsheets

SpreadsheetsCreate and format spreadsheets and charts,
edit columns and rows in a worksheet and
use standard spreadsheet functions.


There are also other ICDL modules you can complete for your ICDL certificate


With additional modules, you could gain these additional skills for the workplace:

Preparing presentations

Working with databases

Working collaboratively online

Using project management software

Managing data security

(To see full details of modules on the ICDL website, click on the links above.)

Your ICDL certificate

rosetteWhen you have completed any four modules, and successfully taken your tests, you will receive your ICDL Certificate.


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