LeeAnne’s KiwiSkills success led to a job she loves

LeeAnne has used her new ICDL skills to secure a job.
LeeAnne used her new digital skills to secure a job.

Basic course increased confidence

When LeeAnne Baker was ready to return to work after seven years, she wanted better computer skills. She did not have the confidence to apply for a job so she spoke to Te Roroa Learning Assistance in Dargaville about updating her computer skills. After passing a basic level computer course, her tutors recommended that she undertook the KiwiSkills ICDL programme. This free programme for jobseekers includes four ICDL training modules.

Ready for independent, self-paced learning

When she started the ICDL training, Leanne was ready to sit on her own and work through the modules which were clearly set out in groups. She enjoyed working from home without tutor assistance. In this LeeAnne was a little unusual – most KiwiSkills student prefer to learn in a self-paced class with a tutor there to help as needed.

Course -> work experience -> job

After she completed KiwiSkills Leanne was offered work experience at Te Roroa Learning Assistance which then turned into paid work as a receptionist, using all the skills she had learned. For example, Leanne started with the very basics of Excel spreadsheets which were a complete mystery to her. By doing the courses LeeAnne now feels confident in doing tasks she needs to do in her new job and at home. She has a better understanding of how a computer works and is can do many things that she never knew before or thought she could do.

…these awesome courses…

LeeAnne highly recommends the KiwiSkills programme and says “without completing these awesome courses, I wouldn’t be in a job that I love with people that are kind, helpful and understanding of everything I do and still continue to do so.”

It’s free to New Zealand jobseekers

Thanks to Lotteries funding, KiwiSkills is free to New Zealand jobseekers aged 16 and over, currently working no more than 10 hours per week. Training is available from 56 partners nationwide, and on successful completion you are awarded an internationally and NCEA recognised ICDL certificate listing your new skills.