KiwiSkills funding renewed for 2017

Students test their skills at a KiwiSkills Challenge day in Christchurch
Students test their skills at a KiwiSkills Challenge day in Christchurch

The KiwiSkills team have successfully secured a third year of funding from the Lottery Grants Board, to train more jobseekers in workplace-ready computer skills.

2016 was full on – 2017 will be busier still

June Robinson, 20/20 Trust Product Manager for KiwiSkills, said “2016 was a very productive year for us. We issued a total of 2,407 participant registrations for ICDL, EqualSkills (now known as Digital Citizen) and Introduction to ICDL (now called Digital Citizen Plus).”

“Participants completed 1,634 diagnostic tests and we issued 564 Certificates.”

Mayors Taskforce for Jobs

“For 2017, we have a target of training 3,500 jobseekers. The KiwiSkills team is committed to their success, and the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs has helped with promoting the training to  ‘close the digital divide and increase skills and productivity in your community.’

The number of trainers that offer KiwiSkills is also increasing. “We have a total of 58 Delivery Partners across the country.  This includes a growing number of schools who now offer their senior  students KiwiSkills.”

Why schools are adopting KiwiSkills

The free KiwiSkills jobseeker training has a lot to offer students soon to leave school:

  • They gain internationally recognised ICDL certification in the modules they successfully complete.
  • Students can earn up to 19 Level 2 credits by successfully completing the six ICDL modules that are NCEA Level 2.
  • It gives them workplace-ready computer skills, recommended by The Mayors Taskforce for Jobs.

Sandy Roundhill, Sacred Heart’s Digital Technology Head of Department, says “I can highly recommend the ICDL course. My students are fully engaged in learning how to use Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Outlook, knowing that not only are they earning credits, but they are also earning a certificate that is internationally recognised.”

So it’s little wonder that she finds that KiwiSkills “captures my students’ interest and they are engaged every lesson.”

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