School leavers use KiwiSkills for work skills, NCEA credits

School leaving Graduates at Bamford School proudly display their ICDL Digital Awareness Certificates.
Graduates at Bamford School proudly display their ICDL Digital Awareness Certificates.

Strong interest from schools and school leavers

OverĀ 40 schools have recently indicated an interest in KiwiSkills. We have discovered that one of the best channels to reach New Zealand jobseekers is through senior secondary student programmes. While many of these students enter into tertiary education programmes, nearly a quarter of the 60,000 school leavers each year are trying to enter the workforce, and good digital skills are increasingly essential for almost every job.

Recent research has revealed the fallacy of ‘digital natives’ having necessary workplace digital skills; KiwiSkills for jobseekers training uses ICDL modules which are proven to boost digital abilities and give young people the competencies they need for work.

Up to 19 NCEA Level 2 credits from KiwiSkills/ICDL

The interest from schools has been strengthened as a direct result of the NCEA Level 2 credit recognition for some ICDL modules. Students can earn a maximum of 19 Level 2 credits by successfully completing six ICDL modules.

We appreciated support from Gordon Grimsey, a member of the NZQA group reviewing ICT qualifications. Gordon advised the Trust on how the ICDL modules map to the new qualifications, reviewed ICDL training and testing materials and sent constructive suggestions to the courseware team in ICDL Headquarters in Dublin, Ireland.

Business and government call for digital skills

Business and government leaders are also increasingly calling for more digital skills in the workforce and ICDL is one way to achieve this, whether through KiwiSkills training for jobseekers, school leavers or for ICDL training for businesses’ employees. Our challenge for the coming year is to not only register new candidates but also support our delivery partners in guiding all candidates through the programme to achieve certification.

More information

For more about NCEA Level 2 credits and ICDL certification, becoming a KiwiSkills/ICDL delivery partner, or other KiwiSkills queries, please contact June Robinson on 021 273 6810 or via email