KiwiSkills 2016 Milestones

KiwiSkills high res logoNearly two years ago the 20/20 Trust launched KiwiSkills for jobseekers with funding from the Lottery Grants Board. With KiwiSkills, jobseekers get free computer skills training leading to internationally – and NCEA – recognised ICDL certification.

Our team and KiwiSkills delivery partners have worked hard, so we are very pleased to celebrate meeting the following milestones:

  • On-track to meet our target of 4,000 registered by end of year 2
  • 250 ICDL Certificates recently issued
  • A total of 46 delivery partners (2015/16)

Strong interest from schools

Sacred Heart students study for their ICDLJune Robinson joined as our KiwiSkills Manager during the year; her task has been to strengthen the presence of the programme in Auckland. She has been very successful in connecting with potential delivery partners and over 80 organisations including 41 schools have indicated an interest in KiwiSkills.

We have discovered that one of the best channels to reach New Zealand jobseekers is through senior secondary student programmes. While many of these students enter into tertiary education programmes, nearly a quarter of the 60,000 school leavers each year are trying to enter the workforce. The interest from schools has also been strengthened as a direct result of the NCEA Level 2 credit recognition for some ICDL modules.

Business and government leaders are also increasingly calling for more digital skills in the workforce and ICDL is one way to achieve this, whether through KiwiSkills training for jobseekers or for ICDL training for businesses.

Strong KiwiSkills support team

Our success to date has relied heavily on support from our whole KiwiSkills team – June Robinson, our KiwiSkills Manager, Sarah Lee, for marketing and client relationship support and Karin Elliott, for her dedicated administrative and technical support for all our delivery partners. Karin’s support has been vital in training new Accredited Test Centres (ATCs), as well as responding to the technical questions from partners. The ICDL product is a dynamic one, with continuous improvements, which does put pressure on our support team. So much so that we have appointed Eleanor Dashfield as a part-time support person to relieve some of the pressure on Karin and provide much needed backup.

Our challenge for the coming year is to not only register new candidates but also support our delivery partners in guiding all candidates through the programme to achieve certification.

More information

For more about becoming a KiwiSkills/ICDL delivery partner, NCEA Level 2 credits and ICDL certification, or any other KiwSkills queries, please contact June Robinson on 021 273 6810 or via email