Mayors Taskforce For Jobs promotes KiwiSkills

Close The Digital Divide flyer - increase skills and productivity in your community with KiwiSkillsThe Mayors Taskforce For Jobs has sent a flyer to all Mayors in New Zealand, promoting the 2020 Trust’s KiwiSkills digital literacy training to “close the digital divide and increase skills and productivity in your community”.

The Taskforce For Jobs is a nationwide network of New Zealand’s Mayors, working together towards the vision of all young people under 25 being engaged in appropriate education, training, work or other positive activity in their communities. It started in 2000 with just seven Mayors, and membership now includes all the country’s sixty-seven Mayors.

KiwiSkills Digital skills sought by employers

Many New Zealanders do not have the digital skills NZ employers are looking for. The KiwiSkills programme offers digital literacy courses relevant to the New Zealand workforce and is free to NZ jobseekers . Jobseekers work towards the internationally recognised ICDL Certificate.

The flyer gives Mayors and their councils advice on how to get KiwiSkills into their community, suggesting they identify local learning centres and invite them to become KiwiSkills delivery partners.

Mayors Taskforce support helpful to further increase training partners

June  Robinson, the 2020 Trust’s Project & Relationship Manager for KiwiSkills, said: “This support from the Mayors Taskforce For Jobs is really helpful in raising the profile of KiwiSkills around New Zealand. We have 49 delivery training partners throughout New Zealand we currently work with, and we are keen to work with councils and delivery partners to reach every part of the country. KiwiSkills is a great way for jobseekers to upskill, and with courses at three levels, there is a suitable course for everyone whatever their skill level.”

Digital literacy essential for workforce – Hon. Nikki Kaye

The Hon. Nikki Kaye, Associate Minister of Education, said “It is important that our workforce is equipped with the skills it needs. Digital literacy is now an essential skill set.”

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KiwiSkills is funded by the Lottery Grants Board.