How does it work?

With KiwiSkills, you work through the courses at your own pace, at home or in a class, with support, and start at the level that suits you. When ready, you take a test to get your certificate, which proves you have the digital skills that are valued in the workplace.

Learn at your own pace

KiwiSkills is user friendly – everything is explained in easy to follow steps, right in front of you either on the screen or in a workbook. You’ll work through modules in your own time and at your own pace.

Study where you want

If you have a computer or laptop, you can study from home. If you don’t have a computer, you might be able to join a local class hosted by a KiwiSkills provider. Either way, you will be supported on the programme.

Choose your entry level

There are three courses under KiwiSkills – Digital Citizen (previously EqualSkills), Digital Citizen Plus (previously Intro to ICDL Base) and ICDL Certificate – , so you can start at the level which best suits you.

Digital Citizen

For people with no experience of using a computer.

Build your confidence and develop your computer and internet skills.

rosetteEarn a Digital Awareness Certificate.

You’ll then be ready to do Digital Citizen Plus.


Digital Citizen Plus

For people who are ready to begin using a computer for entry-level study or work.

Learn about desktop management, create documents, search the internet and send emails. Be ready to move on to the ICDL Certificate programme.

rosetteEarn a Digital Awareness Certificate.

You’ll then be ready to do the ICDL Certificate.


ICDL Certificate

For people who are ready to learn and test the key digital skills needed in today’s workplace.

Complete four modules (or more) to gain this internationally recognised certificate.

ICDL has three main parts:

  1. Online training – training material you can work through at your own pace online, and study wherever you have access to the internet – at home or in a class hosted by a KiwiSkills provider.
  2. Diagnostic tests – these are practice tests.
  3. Certificate tests – these are supervised tests that you take to get your ICDL certificate.

Certificate tests must be taken at an Accredited Test Centre (ATC). Your KiwiSkills provider may already operate as an ATC. If not, they will help you find a test centre.


Earn the ICDL certificate to prove your skills and gain up to 19 NCEA credits. Some ICDL modules have been benchmarked against Level 2 NCEA. Ask your local KiwiSkills provider if you can gain credits.


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