Computer training for jobs

  • Young man: 'I feel a lot more confident about applying for jobs now. I've finally got it!' KiwiSkills - Digital Skills for Jobseekers.
  • Construction worker: 'Just about every job you do know, you've got to know about computers.' KiwiSkills - Digital Skills for Jobseekers.
  • Receptionist returning to the workforce: 'My office skills were pretty rusty but this programme brought me right up to date.'  KiwiSkills - Digital Skills for Jobseekers.
  • 'I can learn in my own time, at my own pace. And it's all explained in such an easy way.' KiwiSkills - Digital Skills for Jobseekers.

KiwiSkills is online training that helps you get – and keep – a good job.

In most New Zealand workplaces you need to know how to use a computer and the internet.

With KiwiSkills you’ll learn the digital skills wanted by employers and get an international ICDL certificate to prove it and make you stand out from the crowd.

With KiwiSkills, you:

  • improve your chances of getting a job
  • keep up with technology changes for school or work
  • add proven skills to your CV and stand out.

Who is it for?

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How does it work?

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What will I learn?

Essential online and computer skills, word processing, basic spreadsheets or other options.  Read more >

How long will it take?

KiwiSkills is self-paced, so you are in charge. But how long will it take me? Read more >

How do I start?

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About KiwiSkills

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Managed by the 20/20 Trust

KiwiSkills is managed by 20/20, appointed by the international ICDL Foundation as the official ICDL Accredited Partner for New Zealand.

Kiwiskills previously received financial support from a Lottery Grant, which enabled us to offer it free of charge to some jobseekers. That funding has now run out and Kiwiskills is no longer free – but it’s still just as vital for job security, jobseekers and career changers and a great investment in yourself.

The Trust’s vision is ‘to enable all New Zealanders to fully participate in the digital world’, and the 20/20 Trust has a 20-year history of successful digital literacy programmes, for families and whānau, unemployed and under-employed, refugees, school students and others.