LeeAnne has used her new ICDL skills to secure a job.

LeeAnne’s KiwiSkills success led to a job she loves

When LeeAnne Baker was ready to return to work after seven years, she wanted better computer skills and did not have the confidence to apply for a job. After passing a basic level computer course, her tutors recommended that she undertook the KiwiSkills ICDL programme. This free programme for jobseekers includes four ICDL training modules. ... Read more

KiwiSkills funding renewed for 2017

The KiwiSkills team have successfully secured a third year of funding from the Lottery Grants Board, to train more jobseekers in workplace-ready computer skills. 2016 was full on – 2017 will be busier still June Robinson, 20/20 Trust Product Manager for KiwiSkills, said “2016 was a very productive year for us. We issued a total ... Read more

Sacred Heart students study for their ICDL

KiwiSkills 2016 Milestones

Nearly two years ago the 20/20 Trust launched KiwiSkills for jobseekers with funding from the Lottery Grants Board. With KiwiSkills, jobseekers get free computer skills training leading to internationally – and NCEA – recognised ICDL certification. Our team and KiwiSkills delivery partners have worked hard, so we are very pleased to celebrate meeting the following ... Read more

Sacred Heart students study for their ICDL

“My students are fully engaged in learning, preparing for work”

Sacred Heart College in Lower Hutt are enthusiastic about job-ready skills and ICDL certification from KiwiSkills for Jobseekers. “I can highly recommend the ICDL course, which is fully funded through the Kiwiskills programme run by the 2020 Trust. The support from the Kiwiskills team has been fantastic.” Best of all, students are fully engaged in learning Microsoft Office, earning NCEA credits and  also an internationally recognised certificate. ... Read more

Mayors Taskforce For Jobs promotes KiwiSkills

The Mayors Taskforce For Jobs has sent a flyer to all Mayors in New Zealand, promoting the 2020 Trust’s KiwiSkills digital literacy training to “close the digital divide and increase skills and productivity in your community”. The Taskforce For Jobs is a nationwide network of New Zealand’s Mayors, working together towards the vision of all ... Read more

computing certificate, at her laboratory

These days you really need to know about a computer…

After taking 8 years out as a full time mum, Vishal Morey found her computer knowledge very rusty. She needed to gain new skills and relearn some she’d forgotten. Vishal tells KiwiSkills Relationship Manager Sarah Lee about her experience with KiwiSkills – free computer training for jobseekers. ... Read more

“Jump at the chance!!”

Kelly Lowe, a former job-seeker in Tauranga tells of her experience of ICDL online training, and gaining NCEA and internationally recognised certification. ICDL training and certification is available free to job-seekers through Work and Income. “I attended the first of the Business Professional Programmes in 2012 run by Derek Roser through the Chamber of Commerce. The ... Read more